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Great Ocean Road, KOALAS, and Melbourne

So where did I leave off?? Our days are so long and packed with adventure. We left Wilson's Prom and drove the Great Ocean Road
to the 12 Apostles (pic below)

It was pretty but I definitely think we should have done Australia first. New Zealand has set our standard of beauty way, way too high. We camped on Cape Otway in a campground full of koalas!!!! They were everyone. In theory this sounds awesome, until you try to sleep. These creatures make the loudest snorting/growling noise and it makes it really hard to fall asleep. They were super cute though. The picture on my phone isn't great. I took more on my camera and we got a lot closer to them than the one in the picture below.


Today we drove to Melbourne and relaxed on St Kilda beach. It was lovely to sit on a beach and read and relax. Tomorrow we will explore the town some more and meet up with a friend I met in Spain this past summer.

We only have two nights left! Hopefully I'll get the Internet one more time but no promises!

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Wilson's Promontory

We spent all day in Wilson's Promontory. We hiked to the top of Mt Oberon for some lovely views.

But the real highlight was all the wildlife! We saw kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and wombats!

We are now on a mad search to see a koala! We are driving down great ocean road today stopping to see the 12 Apostles, a lighthouse, and hopefully koalas! We'll spend the night somewhere off great ocean road. We plan to head to Melbourne tomorrow to spend our last two nights! Can't believe our trip is nearly over!

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Camping with Kangaroos

We drove from Sydney to the Blue Mountains only to find out that all national parks in New South Wales are closed due to the bush fires. With that change of plans, we drove towards Melbourne and pulled over to sleep at Durras Lake. Our campground was full of kangaroos!!! They were wondering around everywhere! It was dusk so my phone camera wouldn't take a good photo. I am sad to leave the kangaroos but we are heading to Wilson's Promontory next where we hope to see more wildlife!

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Leaving NZ and arriving in Sydney

I am so glad we rearranged our trip and got to go to Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula. We got to see one of the rarest penguins, the endangered yellow-eyed penguin, coming back to shore to feed their little ones. We also saw several sea lions resting on the rocks from a hard days work of catching food. We were driving around the peninsula after seein these animals when it started to rain and we got luck enough to see a full double rainbow.

From Dunedin, we drove to Christchurch where we were in shock at the damage the earthquake from 2011 caused. What once was a vibrant city was now a ghost town with a city center in ruins.

We flew from Christchurch to Sydney and we are enjoying our splurge on a hotel with a rooftop pool that overlooks the harbour with views of the opera house. It is a nice break from living in a car and sleeping in a tent every night! Thomas and I are eating lunch at the opera house and awaiting tonight when we get to see an opera!

Cheers from Sydney!

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Mt Cook, Milford Sound, and Queenstown

Yesterday, we left Fairlie and drove to Te Anau. On the way, we did the Hooker Valley hike in Mt Cook National Park. We got some lovely views of Mt Cook, NZ's highest peak.

We got up this morning and drove to Milford Sound. We took a cruise through the sound and it was absolutely beautiful. I think I took a million and one photos (but unfortunately with my real camera which means I can't show them to you all). One of the highlights was getting to see seals soaking up the sun and playing around in the water. My zoom lens came in handy for that - thanks again, Santa. I did catch the seals on my phone but I did remember to get a shot of the sound.

We are currently hangin out in Queenstown. Tomorrow we are staying on Dunedin where we hope to see some penguins!

Natalie and Thomas

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